Francture Partners with Oriental APAC to Bring Innovative Stormwater Management Technology to India

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Francture Brands Pvt Ltd has bagged the agency partnership of Oriental APAC Inc Ltd, a Hong Kong-based company that offers a patented solution for stormwater management. The partnership will enable Francture Brands to introduce and market innovative technology in India, where urban flooding is a major problem due to excessive rainfalls and poor drainage systems.

From left to right: Sandeep Bali, Director at Francture Brands Pvt Ltd and Yeung Pok Man Peason, Director at Oriental APAC Inc Ltd

The technology, developed by HK Suan Co. Ltd, a South Korea-based company, prevents urban flooding by installing extra water storage space underground with a permeable bottom that allows water to get slowly dispersed into the ground and only excessive water carries forward to the existing drainage system. It also filters the water before dispersing it into the ground, improving the water quality and reducing pollution. This technology has already eradicated urban flooding completely in the places it is installed in South Korea, in partnership with the South Korean government.

Sandeep Bali, Director of Francture Brands, said “We are excited about this partnership with Oriental APAC, as we believe their technology has the potential to revolutionize stormwater management in India. We are confident that we can leverage our expertise and network to bring this solution to the Indian market and help solve one of the biggest challenges faced by our cities.”

Oriental APAC Inc Ltd is led by Yeung Pok Man Peason and Lee Seong Won, who have exclusive rights for HK Suan Co. Ltd’s technology in the Asia Pacific region. They said “We are delighted to partner with Francture Brands, as they have a strong network in India. We are looking forward to working with them to make our technology available to the Indian government and other stakeholders who are interested in improving the urban infrastructure and environment.”

Urban flooding is a serious threat to the economy, livelihoods, and health of millions of people living in Indian cities. According to a report by National Disaster Management Association, urban flooding causes transport and power disruptions, loss of life and property damage, exposure to aquatic and vector-borne diseases, decline in water quality, and risk of epidemics. Urban flooding is also exacerbated by factors such as chaotic and irregular planning of cities, illegal encroachments on natural watercourses, inadequate stormwater drainage systems, climate change, and sea level rise.

Stormwater management is a key component of urban flood mitigation and adaptation strategies. It aims to reduce the volume and peak flow of stormwater runoff by enhancing infiltration, storage, and reuse of rainwater. Stormwater management also provides multiple benefits such as groundwater recharge, pollution control, biodiversity conservation, and aesthetic improvement. By adopting stormwater management technology from Oriental APAC, Francture Brands hopes to contribute to the resilience and sustainability of Indian cities.

Earlier this year, Francture Brands Pvt. Ltd. partnered with Ophi Technologies AG and Ophi Technologies Oy to use their landfill cleaning technology that generates Biomethane, Carbon black, Fuel oil, and Metals. This is another initiative by Francture Brands to support the environment and sustainability in India. The partnership was led by Digant Sharma, Director of Francture Brands.

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